Contoh karangan english spm

Walaupun peperiksaan Spm bakal dijalankan pada tempoh terdekat ini,para pelajar masih berkesempatan mengulangkaji pelajaran. Salah satu pelajaran yang saya minati ketika dibangku sekolah dahulu ialah Bahasa Inggeris,namun penguasaan saya terhadap bahasa inggeris kurang memuaskan. Semoga contoh karangan english dibawah membantu sebagai panduan menghadapi peperiksaan.

It’s been too long after my last visit at my grandpa village. I used to live here for 10 years and then i fly to Africa to continue study at oversea,during in 10 years living in that village it leave so many memories that will live forever within my life. My grandpa in not here anymore,he passed away after had heart attack  two years ago,it’s been hard time for me to accept the fact he’s gone forever. I was still in Africa during that time,all i can do for him is pray and  recall all our memories in past.

I have passed and graduated. I am now successful man with excellent life and have good job,still it’s not  enough to fill my empty loneliness. Day by day i felt there are some spot in my life is not complete yet,it’s haunting me and effect my life but no one know about it. Since the silence of loneliness has reached the limits and i have decided to visit my grandpa village to end my miserable situation.

20 years has passed and i am now at my grandpa house,all the memories now merge inside me. I’m getting older now as the time for me right now getting short and the legs are heavy to move around and playing with my only grandson.  Her parent died on car crash,it’s me on he depend now. The life is cruel but we know it’s not our decision to rule things like we want. I gave him all my loved to ensure he won’t feel piece of loneliness losing person we care and loved.

Now he grow much faster than i expected,he looked like me when I’m younger once a time ago. I’m going weaker faster when im trying to wake up,my legs and my body won’t react on my command anymore. Things moving slow for me right now. I am  now realized how my grandpa feel before he died.

Semoga contoh karangan english diatas membantu anda serba sedikit walaupun karangan ini pendek dan kurang kreativiti .